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What some of our clients say about us

Marketing Consulting Services

“Fabiana not only puts passion into what she does: she is empathetic, professional, courageous and acts with transparency and integrity. 100% reliable.” – Vanessa Giudici, Marketing Communication Manager at Ticino Hotels Group SA

Honeymoon – International Trip

“BEST HONEYMOON EVER!!!!!!!!!! (I've only been on one, but I couldn't image it being any better). From the Duomo in Milan, to the balsamic vinegar farm, to the parmigiano-reggiano factory, to the #1 restaurant in the world, to a 14th century castle turned hotel on the Po river. Fabiana and The Vonk team planned every step of our trip without us having to lift a finger. Everything was perfect, all the reservations were made for us ahead of time and every place was ready and expecting us. It was such a special experience and we highly recommend The Spark to anyone planning a trip or event. THANK YOU FABIANA“ – Dorothy Charach, Partner at McCarthy Tétrault, Toronto (CA)

Maserati Levante Launch – VIP Event

``A location set up at a high level, a professional and at the same time warm welcome, a classy concept combined with a meticulous choice of F&B proposal! All this to season the exclusive presentation of the new Maserati. Thank you Fabiana for your perfect job`` – Davide Morandi, Insurance Advisor at Zurich Insurance Group

Marketing & Project Development

“I had the opportunity to work with Fabiana on several projects in Switzerland and I can confidently say that she is one of the best Team Players I have ever met. Her dynamism, flexibility and ability to adapt to any situation make her a fundamental member of a team for any type of project. Fabiana has an incredible ability to manage stress and deal with difficult situations and intense rhythms. Her knowledge and skills in the marketing sector are excellent. I learned a lot from Fabiana and I am proud to have crossed my professional path with her.” – Matteo Boffa, President at Swiss Business Council Abu Dhabi, Forbes 30 under 30

Luxury Wedding - Lake Maggiore

``The collaboration with Fabiana has been great. Her punctuality, precision, organisation and, at the same time, her flexibility, has made the preparation of our party flawless. With her experience, Fabiana was able to exceed our expectations. Always motivated and positive, she brought fresh ideas and thoughtful considerations to the table. Together with Fabiana, we were able to organize a beautiful wedding. Thank you very much for your help!`` – Tanja, the bride

Corporate Events

“For many of our corporate events, we have collaborated with The Spark, and we have been extremely satisfied with the professionality and quality of their services. Fabiana Vonk has be ability to understand the needs of her clients and meet their expectations in every aspect, resulting in high quality events.” – Sandrine D. S, Communication Manager at Aduno SA

Marketing & Event Planning

“Accurate, knowledgeable, able to work in teams and individually. Thanks to her vivacity and sympathy, she has always managed to make the moments of hard work less heavy. Availability and creativity are her strength. Her background in digital and technologies provides a wide range of choice in strategies. I was able to work with her on three occasions, in particular, her knowledge was invaluable for the realization of a project related to the launch of a service. The result of the marketing strategy she implemented brought excellent results in a few months, both in terms of visibility and conversions. It was a pleasure working with her and in the future when there will be the opportunity to work together again, I will not hesitate to contact her.” – Alessandro Pellegrini, Marketing & Sales Manager at Splash & Spa Tamaro SA